What is Viscose ?
Comfort is a fiber called Peach Couture Viscose, soft.silky..and luxurious.
A man made fiber that's 100% natural-based. Soft and absorbent, it goes into
everything from fabrics to shirts, trousers,  tissues, knitwear, towels, bed linen and
wherever life demands a smooth caress.Being man made Fiber the quality and
fineness of  faric differs from one quality to other ,we use the finest Viscose to
make best quality shawls available in the market today.
Peach Couture viscose has moisture regain which is nearly twice that of
cotton. Which is why it soothes and cools skin faster than cotton. What's more,
its drape and sheer vibrancy of colors have only added to its reputation as a
Fashion fiber.
Peach Couture Viscose dissipates static by nature, is soft
to feel and very comfortable on the skin. It offers distinct advantages to the value
chain at each stage.
Peach Couture viscose also possesses an exhaustive
color range.Specialty
Peach Couture Viscose includes anti-bacterial,
chlorine free, micro denier
and hollow flat super absorbent fibers.
Best definition of quality is the customer
satisfaction and reviews, buy our
Viscose as against to cheaper and fake Rayon products, compare our quality and
you will be addicted for a luxury at an affordable price...
* All orders over $100 will be shipped free via UPS Ground.             100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Hassle Free Returns
No questions asked .
Refer to our return policy
for  more details.

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